BK-44KM Studio Mic

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BK-44KM Technical  Specifications:

1-Wide frequency response.
2-Very low self noise.
3-Excellent low frequency to reproduce.
4-High output level.
5-High input SPL capability.
6-No crossover distortion.
7-Very balanced response polarity.
8-Excellent common mode rejection and RF interference rejection.
9-Capsule Tape.
10-External bias capacitance.

Large dual diaphragm microphone, switchable omni, cardioid, bidirectional capacitance.
TK-44KM is a with a variety of patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional) large external bias dual diaphragm condenser microphone with extremely low self noise (7dB).
Designed to meet the needs of studio recording of music in people's needs, TK-44KM moderate and full sound with excellent performance, is a high-quality recording for the realistic reproduction of original sound and well-built products.
TK-44KM in a variety of recording applications, also has great flexibility, as it can adjust the sound level to accommodate a large volume source (such as drums and guitar amplifiers), so it is suitable for general music or amplified musical instruments .

Frequency Response : 20-20K Hz
Polar Pattern : Cardioid omnidirectional, bidirectional
Output Impedance : 150 Ω
Attenuation switch : 0 or -15 dB attenuation
Low-frequency response switch : Smooth; -6 db / octave below 115 Hz; -18 dB / octave below 80 Hz
Phantom Power : 48 Vdc + / - 4 Vdc
Sensitivity (at 1000 Hz ) : (at 1000 Hz) ; -36 dBv / Pa (16 mV)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 81 dB