BK-1500 Studio Mic

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BK-1500 Technical  Specifications:

Transducer type:Condenser
Feature:Large diaphragm recording microphone
Available using range: recording,broadcast,chorus occasion
Technical Specifications
Polar pattern:Ultra-cardioid and multi-polar patterns
Frequency range:20-2000Hz
Sensitivity:  -32dB(20mV/Pa)±2dB
Output Impedance:200Ω
Max S.P.L:135dB
Equivalent noise level:18dB
S/N :76dB
Power supply:48V phantom power
Uni-directional,Gold-plated Mylar diaphragm
48V  phantom power,transistor balanced- output
High sensitivity,low noise ,low distortion,wide frequency response
with an exceptionally warm and articulate sound for critical studio vocal tracking
Suitable for any classic occasion